Today, in Stari Tišler, we will serve you traditional Slovenian dishes, after which guests have been licking their fingers for more than a century.

Taste Slovenia in every spoonful of bograč and beef goulash and let yourself be transported to simpler times with a peasant plate. Vampi, Carniolan sausage and roast pork will definitely not leave you cold, Idrija žlikrofi, home-made buckwheat carp and cottage cheese štruklji are also long-known delicacies that cannot be resisted.

You can wash it all off with a selection of Slovenian wines or a mug of local beer.

You can choose your daily meal from the rich offer of snacks and lunches.

If you can’t come to us, you can order your favorite dish on our website at the See MENU & ORDER shortcut or simply download the application called Gostišče Stari Tišler from the Play Store and we will deliver it to you for free.

We have prepared special menus for closed parties, which we serve on tables or as a cold-warm buffet, but we definitely listen to the wishes of the guest first.

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