Stari Tišler

The old coachmen restaurant Stari Tisler was first opened in 1905. From the beginning, Stari Tisler was a popular watering hole where the coachmen could enjoy a warm meal or a refreshing pint while their horses took a break from a busy day at work. The guesthouse Stari Tisler was a popular stop for many excited locals waiting for a train and newcomers to Ljubljana alike because it could offer them cosy lodging for the night.

In the century since the opening of the guesthouse, Stari Tisler has had many different faces and purposes. Nowadays, the guesthouse has returned to its roots, and in 2008 completed a renovation that managed to preserve the original interior of the restaurant. Today, the exposed brick walls give the restaurant a traditional rustic atmosphere. Stari Tisler has managed to retain its original name, and several period features like the original entrance arch and the berths for horses. It’s not a surprise to us that, Stari Tisler was declared part of the cultural heritage and social history of Ljubljana in 1990.

Whilst Stari Tisler enjoys a prime location in the city centre, once inside you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city that cannot reach this historic refuge where time has stood still. The cosy ambiance, freshly prepared food and carefully chosen drinks list, are sure to transport you to a bygone era. The Stari Tisler still follows the same recipes that were used over a hundred years ago. You can experience the true spirit of Slovenia with each spoonful of our stews and have a taste of the life in the country with our “Rustic Plate”. Our tripe, Kranjska sausage and pork roast will inspire you. You won’t be able to resist our Žlikrofi Idrijan style, homemade Ajdovi Krapi and Cheese Pie Dumplings, all of which are a Slovenian delicacy. We are also proud to offer the option of Slovenian wine and local beers with any of our dishes.

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